Tray Bakes

Buttery Flapjacks

Home Made Buttery Flapjacks 

Flapjacks can so often disappoint. Our buttery treats laced with golden syrup will cheer you up on a rainy day. So moreish and irresistible!

Packs of 12 or 24

Cherry & Sultana Flapjacks

Home Made Cherry & Sultana Flapjacks

A twist on our traditional buttery flapjacks - these are bursting with cherries and juicy sultanas. Yum!

Pack of 12 or 24

Chocolate Nut Brownies

Home Made Chocolate Nut Brownie Tray 

We’ve added hazelnuts to make these brownies extra special. They fly out as fast as we can make them. Utterly delicious!

20 Squares

Chocolate Brownies

Home Made Chocolate Brownie Tray 

70% Belgian Chocolate make these brownies unsurpassable. Melt in the mouth these are number one for all children!

20 Squares
Fruit Cake, Tray

Home Made Fruit Cake Tray 

A firm favourite, this farmhouse cake is popular all year round. We use ground almonds to make it extra moist.

20 Squares

Lemon Drizzle, Tray

Home Made Lemon Drizzle Tray 

Real lemon zest and juice give this cake an extra zing.  We finish off our cake with a crunchy, lemon drizzle topping.   Pre-cut to give 20 very generous portions.

20 Squares
Spiced Apple, Tray

Home Made Spiced Apple Tray 

We put a whole kilo of freshly sliced bramley apples into each of our trays. You taste the freshness immediately. No tinned fruit in this kitchen! A lightly spiced sponge for added flavour makes this popular all year round.

20 Squares

Rocky Road, Tray

Home Made Rocky Road Tray 

An indulgent treat. Made with dark and milk Belgian chocolate this classic is enriched with chewy glace cherries and crunchy ginger nuts.

15 Squares

 Salted Caramel Hazelnut Shortbread, Tray

Home Made Salted Caramel Hazelnut Shortbread 

Our new tray bake is proving very popular. The toffee is made from scratch and you can taste the difference. Maldon salt adds a sophisticated twist to this new favourite.

15 Squares

Butter Shortbread, Tray

Home Made Butter Shortbread 

Crunchy and buttery, this traditional recipe makes our shortbread a comforting tea time staple.

15 Squares