Retail Cakes

Coffee & Walnut Cake, Retail

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Lots of expresso coffee goes into making this seriously strong coffee cake. We toast the walnuts for extra flavour and crunch.

Banana Cake, Retail

Banana Cake

Full of ripe bananas this cake has a delicious cream cheese icing. Topped with poppy seeds.

Carrot Cake, Retail

Carrot Cake

Bursting with juicy sultanas and freshly grated carrot this traditional carrot cake is given an unusual twist with our zesty orange frosting.  Topped with toasted nuts for a tasty crunch!

Fruit Cake, Retail

Fruit Cake

A firm favourite, this farmhouse cake is popular all year round.   We use ground almonds to make it extra moist. Sprinkled with demerara sugar.

Ginger Cake, Retail

Ginger Cake

A rich sticky ginger cake, laced with dark treacle and dark brown sugar. An English classic.

Chocolate Cake, Retail

Chocolate Cake

Our moist chocolate sponge, is topped with a dark chocolate butter icing.  We've added  white Belgian chocolate buttons.  Loved by the grown ups as much as their kids.  This gorgeous cake is a treat for all the family.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Real lemon zest and juice give this cake an extra zing.  A perfect afternoon treat!

Spiced Apple Cake, Retail

Spiced Apple Cake

Packed with freshly sliced bramley apples you taste the difference immediately.  No tinned fruit in this kitchen! We've added some plump sultanas.  A lightly spiced sponge for added flavour makes this popular all year round.

Blackberry & Apple Cake, Retail

Blackberry & Apple Cake

An unusual cake, we use wild blackberries when in season and fresh bramley apples. Topped with demerara sugar this cake is utterly yummy!

Lime & Coconut Cake, Retail

Lime & Coconut Cake

Fresh lime zest and coconut cream fill this light sponge with flavour. A cream cheese icing makes for a  wonderful treat on a summer’s day!